Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The God Complex (SPOILERS highlight to read)

We've done worst fears before, with the Keller machine. The Doctor's was fire then, and honestly I think it could be fire now as well (Time War, Gallifrey burning, etc.). But probably they won't show us what it is. I wonder what Amy's and Rory's will be though? So far I am loving this episode. Very cool, very well done. Oooh, nice visual, running down the same hallway again and again. Uh oh, Doctor, you've separated yourself. I like meeting new species just casually. I like the nurse woman, too. Except I'm fairly certain she's going to die. She's so cool and the Doctor wants her as a companion, so she's got to die.

Dude, the Doctor just told that alien guy. "Cowardice isn't quaint, it's sly." Awesome. Wait, the Minotaur is "him"? He's doing this? What? Is he intelligent or is he doing this on instinct? Instinct, then. "You have lived so long even your name is lost. You want this to stop."

Uh oh, Amy looked in her room. She's gonna start being possessed now. At least Rory will keep her from running off to the thing.

Rory did just say that in the past tense. What was left to be scared of? Why? Why past tense? It's not the Doctor dying, is it? Why did he say that in the past tense? Either he didn't mean to or he's protecting the Doctor by not letting him know they've seen his death. Woah!!! Nurse lady! When did she see her room? It wasn't the clown was it?

THE DOCTOR'S ROOM! Oooooohhhhhh, it's number 11. WHAT??? "WHO ELSE"???? So it's a person in there. It's a person he saw. There's a person in his room. It's either him or... who else could it be. The Master, or... what is the Doctor scared of? (I knew Rita would die.) Now what is the Doctor scared of? I think the biggest chance is that it's himself. But I hope it's someone else. Well, wait. He has moments of hating himself, but is he actually scared of himself? Who is... woah. Doctor angry. Doctor smash. Oh no what? Shit. More things about faith, more stuff about faith, and another person who's faith is in the Doctor. Please, do what you did to Ace. Break her faith in you, do it again. I want to see it, Doctor. Do it. It's a prison for people with faith.

What did Amy see? Well, wait. What if she loses her faith in the Doctor now? Because he's not exactly succeeded in saving her so far, so maybe she'll lose her faith in him. Woah, what? Who's room is this? Who's room is little Amelia Pond? He's doing it again. Wait, not quite. Oh, yeah he is. Not as harshly as he did to Ace, though. Oh, wait, that was Amy's room. They showed the number so we knew. It's young Amelia. She's scared of young Amelia? Oh, no, it's not your greatest fear, it's what makes you fall back completely on your faith. Which for her was knowing the Doctor would come to save her, so seeing young Amelia waiting made her think of the Doctor coming to save her. Woah, wait. What? It's Tron all of a sudden? Ooooh, that was the Doctor's room, we saw the "Do not disturb" sign fall. NIMON!!! OOOH! YES!!! OF COURSE! LANDS AND CONVINCES PEOPLE IT'S A GOD. Oh, what makes the Doctor believe? What do Time Lords pray to?

Now it really is talking about the Doctor. Drenched in the blood of the innocent, drifting through a maze, there you go Doctor. Death would be a gift, there you go, he was talking about you. I knew it this time. Doctor, you've only lost one companion. Ruined far more, but you've already ruined Amy, what are you scared of? The Doctor is realizing that he kills people. But he doesn't kill companions. Maybe he's worried because he doesn't know about TV tropes. Wait, is that really the end of Amy and Beaky? Well, it can't be the very very end because they're still River's parents. James Cordon is not going to be the new companion. No. I love the guy, really I do, but he's not going to be the new companion.

"I have to see what it is. I'm sorry, I just... I have to see."
"Not today. No one else dies today."
"Somebody hit me! ...Was it Amy?"

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Mutants

A.k.a. The Daleks. They landed and checked the radiation levels, then once they turned away the radiation meter shot up to danger levels. The Doctor is having quite a lot of trouble controlling the TARDIS. My guess is it was running on fumes when he stole it, about as obsolete as a colour Gameboy, and by this point it's more like an Atari 2600. Eventually he learns how to upgrade it and get it working like an N64, but it'll never be an Xbox Kinect.

D'aww, the Doctor wants Barbara to talk to Susan because the age difference between him and Susan is so great. Uh oh, radiation poisoning. Barbara's suddenly got a headache. I betcha it's radiation poisoning. So there's this machine that generates food cubes that taste like whatever you want, based on the code you put in (out of a booklet sitting on top of the machine, honestly).

No no, children, it is very important that you see the city. What?? NO! You have to learn about the Daleks! Hm, the Doctor just took out then put back in some sort of crystal thing. Did he sabotage it so they wouldn't have to leave? What a sly old dog. Woah, much more to the console room here. A glass chamber, a telephone, OH DOCTOR. He is a sly old dog. He did sabotage it. He needs to refill some thingy with mercury so they have to go to the city. Bastard.

There's our first Dalek! Huzzah! Well, just the plunger, actually.

There they are. Their voices sound like the voices of older men. They shot Ian just to temporarily paralyze his legs, even though he tried to run away. They must get meaner over time.

Susan's terrified, impotent sobbing is really starting to piss me off. She is so weak I can't even handle it. Close the doors, Susan! Stopping wobbling around like an idiot and get something done for Christ's sake! Huh, from the inside the TARDIS doors look like the rest of the walls.

I'd just like to say, having all of the episodes downloading straight to my computer is incredibly convenient.

Woah, Ian is pretending to be a Dalek. They took a Dalek out of his suit and put Ian in it. Ew, the Dalek is crawling out from under the cloak. It's all slimy and Daleky. Uh oh, Ian is stuck in the Dalek suit and they've figured out their ruse!

Hm, the Daleks have very low ceilings. Figures, I guess. Wow, this is so not the Doctor we know. No sense jeopardizing our own lives for things that aren't any of our business? What kind of philosophy is that? Jump in head first and solve everybody's problems no matter the danger!

An Unearthly Child

Seriously, I'm going in order now. Hee hee, every time they say "Doctor who?" it's funny. It never ever gets old. I've learned that the chameleon circuit had only just broken when we first meet him. They show up in the past and the Doctor and Susan go "Oh shit, it's still a police box". Aw, Susan is so upset that something has happened to the Doctor. She must be awfully devastated when he just fucking leaves later on.

This looks like that Carry On film with Helen Mirren. Cavemen, what silliness. These old episodes will probably be quite a trial. Holy god! That caveman just picked One right up! Carried him on his shoulder! Oh, they think since he was smoking a pipe he has fire inside him. They are desperate to make fire. Poor buggers, haven't thought of the scientific process yet. Wow, these people are really political. Woah, go Susan! She is screaming her head off, man.

I was going to say that I expect these old episodes might be a bit of a trial (though not as bad as Trial of an Audience if Nixon is to be believed), but this is pretty exciting actually. I mean sort of. I haven't decided what to do about the reconstructions yet, though.

Honestly, Susan, enough with the screaming. Yes it's a scary pig thing that's been killed recently. One or two shrieks of terror are enough. Hmm, the Doctor seems to have learned his "leave nobody behind" mentality from Susan and Barbara. Because right now he's like "What? Let them die! We're out of here." And he just called the caveman a savage. People are accusing him of acting as if everyone and everything is beneath him. He really is an arrogant teenager, isn't he? Wow, the Doctor is fucking evil! He was about to beat that guy to death! Gallifrey must have fucked him up.

Well, in the end they made fire and ran away, essentially. Kind of stupid, really. Not terribly clever. Oh well. It's over.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Good Man Goes to War

***********SPOILERS*********** (Highlight to read)

Oh my god. This is overwhelming. Baby, Centurion Rory, angry Doctor, gathering of old friends, cot!!! All of it. Just so good. I knew it was a Time Baby. I knew Amy was being held somewhere by people who wanted to make Time Babies. Henry knew it was being conceived on the TARDIS that would make the Time Baby a Time Baby. We're so smart.

This is the angry Doctor. Now he's finally becoming as damaged as he ought to be, considering all of the things he's done. All the death he's seen, all the friends and family he killed, the friends he left, the people he failed to save,


God, Amy! Fooling him the same way twice. The Time Baby!!!! Where is the Time Baby?????

Hey, Rory is a nurse too... huh. Ok, Steven Moffatt, this is not ok. How DARE you???

Ok, does River use lightning to time travel? Oh dear, domestic. Oh god, Doctor.

The Doctor's little noises when he finds out who River is. So cute! GOD I wish I could read Gallifreyan. Oh hang on, here we go. Oh, Gallifreyan doesn't translate. OH JESUS CHRIST IT'S RIVER RIVER IS MELODY HOW I DON'T EVEN WHAT KIND OF GENES MAKE A SCOTT AND A ENGLISHMAN HAVE A LIGHT BROWN BABY?????? HOLY FUCK HOW I DON'T EVEN

"We're the fat-thin-married-gay-Anglican marines. Why would we need names?"
"Good men don't need rules. Today is not the time to find out why I have so many."
"Well how would I know? That's all humany private stuff, it just sort of goes on. They don't put up a balloon or anything!"
"Of course I remember. I remember everyone."

Friday, May 13, 2011

Curse of the Black Spot

Post review here, more of a "series so far" kind of thing.

I am fucking loving this series. Oh my god. Seriously, it's like the best ever. Moffat is so fucking long-term, I love it. What is the Silence? Who is Amy's baby? What's the deal with the regenerating little girl? Who the fuck is that eyepatch lady? How will it swing around so Matt Smith isn't the last Doctor (because it WILL swing around)? Why does Rory have to die so often?

Some people thought this episode was too pirate-y, but I liked it. I liked it a bunch. It was a very Stargate sort of thing, with the whole scifi explanation for an olde tyme superstition stuff. I liked that. I like it when the TARDIS has a mind of her own. And I love Matt Smith. Also, fumbly drunk Rory was fun. I wanted him to be like that for the whole episode.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas Carol

Ok, this is a post-entry. The Christmas special was really incredible. So epic. The Christmas Carol reference was only slightly crowbarred in, there were swimming fish, and the Doctor married Marilyn Monroe. Actually there was quite a few moments involving the Doctor and romance, or his total ineptitude at romance. The best quote on that front was when the guy (as a young man) was asking the Doctor for advice when he knew the woman was about to kiss him and the Doctor goes "It's either this or staying in your room and inventing a new kind of screwdriver, don't make my mistakes." Hilarious. And he, again, doesn't understand how people can make out and not suffocate. Maybe Time Lords use their respiratory bypass when they make out. I want more about the Doctor's love life. 'Cause I don't believe that his first kiss was Rose at over 1,000 years old. Anyway, it was lovely and very exciting and just awesome. Oh, how I loved it.

Also, I've ordered the 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver off Amazon and I'm making a knit K-9!

EDIT: I somehow managed to exclude my very favourite quote from this episode, possibly from the whole series.

"Do you know, in 900 years of time and space I've never met anyone who wasn't important before." - The Doctor

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Mutants

Mist. A panting man.
Scottish people are shouting.
His back is lumpy.

It's a haiku! That guy just did one hell of a line-read. I think that other guy just said "mutt found dead" but it sounded like "mutt farm dead". I find that amusing.

Look, the Doctor is using a normal screwdriver. How does he know all this stuff just from looking at stuff? He doesn't even stop to think. And I thought Jo was hungry? Why does she just go jaunting off to some unknown destination to deliver what the Doctor is pretty sure is some kind of container to someone who they don't know who it is?

Um, what? They always make the establishment of the alien society very confusing. Ok, you guys clearly aren't the ones being received as guests, you materialized in a broom cupboard. HOLY GOD, THAT'S.... THAT'S.... I don't know who that is. He looks a LOT like someone, I just can't remember who...

Yeesh, that guy is back. It might be his accent, but honestly he's having trouble getting those lines out. Uh... no, really, what's going on?

The Time Lords seem to regard the Doctor as a pretty reliable agent, considering WOAH THAT GUY'S BEEN IN ANOTHER EPISODE... WHO WAS HE... I RECOGNIZE HIM... I'mma look it up. Ok, it's Geoffrey Palmer, and he was in Voyage of the Damned, apparently! As well as Doctor Who and the Silurians. Also, apparently there are a number of reused actors in this serial. I dunno, he seems familiar from a different serial.

This Faron guy sure is an actor, you betcha. And he's turning into a mutant! Oh no! He's being called to the place of darkness and light that I thought was Jo being influenced by hallucinogenic gasses. Oh no! The grenades went off! Stubbs! LIVE DAMN YOU! Dude, Dailymotion has taken a renewed liking to me. The ads have slowed to a trickle and nearly every part starts right away without moaning about stream errors.

That was an oddly muddled exchange for a TV show. GASP! It's... a... bald guy. Oh, he's the Earth guy who came to learn about the culture and can probably read the strange markings on the thing that was in the container.

The Doctor is so great. He's like Sherlock Holmes, he has to know the answer even if it endangers his life. Actually knowing this answer will probably be practically useful. Guys are always touching Jo, it's upsetting. Hey! I came up with the seasons thing! I thought of that! That's the answer! I thought it was probably seasons, because Spring is just now turning to Summer as we recently learned. One of the tablets indicated radiation... Ok, I have no idea what they're talking about. Whatever.

Uh, ok, so the Doctor took some... thing, a rock or something out of a statue thing in the place of light and darkness and now he's bringing it back. Ok, Faron is crazy and very annoying.

Ok, so in the end the mutants were a halfway form that needed the special crystal thing to become rainbowy ascended beings that can move through walls and do anything. Neat.